Belonging to each other

In About Me, Everyday Poesie by LadyBohemia

Kalle and I were going to get married.

That was clear from the word go.  Only after our first phone call, lasting almost 5 hours , I thought to myself – you’re in so deep now girl. This is THE man. This really is it.

He proposed  for the first time to me so soon I don’t even remember.

We wanted to give my children time to get to peacefully know him. So after some half a year I told them this was the man I was going to marry some day. BUT  I told then this was up to their schedule entirely. Kalle and I had decades of time, no rush. I would only marry him or we would move in with him when they felt completely comfortable with him.

I asked them to take their time and think about it, ask any questions that would come to their minds.

First, after a while, my oldest, Joel, said he wanted to have a private talk with me. He said he felt it was the right thing for us to marry Kalle as he loved us all so much and he was so kind  (Kalle on aina niin kiltti meille) – but under one condition – I’d keep the same last name as the boys. I promised him.

Then my little one wanted to have a conversation. He wanted us to live with Kalle first, then the marriage after. I respected his wish – and felt it was very wise for his age. But one thing he said resonated with my heart. ‘Maman, nobody has ever loved us as much as Kalle does’.

Faith didn’t give us the time. But actually, in the end  it doesn’t matter all that much.

We belonged to each other.


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