~* Even the sky cries *~

In Everyday Poesie by LadyBohemia

Beeping message woke me up. “Please tell me the boys are okay”.

Ran to my phone, hands shaking, it rang forever no answer no answer no answer. Kalle turns on Al-Jazeera, chaos, carnage, child victims, 84 dead… After an eternity, answer from sleepy ex husband who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

They are in Nice but hadn’t gone to watch the parade.


Thank you all dear friends for your messages, this is to let all of you know they are still safely sleeping in their own beds.

Al-Jazeera repeats the image of a little girl in her mother’s arms, staring with empty eyes as a man next to them is covered. “The father died” Kalle says silently.

Like my friend Lea wrote, today even the sky cries.


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