Belonging to each other

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Kalle and I were going to get married. That was clear from the word go.  Only after our first phone call, lasting almost 5 hours , I thought to myself – you’re in so deep now girl. This is THE man. This really is it. …

~* Elle Style Awards Gala 2012 *~

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Preparations for the annual Elle gala started well on time… My favorite designer, Kristina Viirpalu, before the gala. Rock cool already. Even cooler and rocker, when ready… Kristina was wondering if maybe her dress would be too much for us Finns. Carried with such dancer’s …


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Palveluksista viimeinen. Sireenet lapsuudenkodin puutarhasta. Kotiinpaluu. Rakkaimpaan paikkaan maailmassa. Kalastuskivelle, joka on meren ulkosaaristossa, ihan lähellä oman isän kanssa pikkupoikana rakennettua suvun hirsimökkiä ja savusaunaa. Metsäkukat saattavat matkalla. Muistoja. ~~~♥~~~ I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment.