~ When Tinder and clubs are a no-no ~

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I recently read something most touching ever found from Facebook, of all places. A man wrote about his grandfather who had lost his wife after 40 years of marriage… Five years on, the grandfather was feeling lonely and missed the presence of another person in his life. He described an 80-year-old gentleman, active, bright, interested in so many things… Together the grandson and grandfather had sat down to figure out where he could meet a like-minded lady, as Tinder or nightclubs weren’t really his thing.

So the grandson wrote a brilliant post on his Facebook page, describing his grandfather, welcoming contacts from women who were touched by this story.

Well, it was something I could have written about my mother, almost word for word. She’s sweet, beautiful, active… Loves concerts, theatre, traveling, light sports… Yet going about these things alone year after year, one gets so lonely.

So I decided to take the plunge on her behalf… And now, after some weeks of messaging between the grandson and I, they might exchange photos and phone numbers, and there could be a date in the cards!

Only little thing left, must tell mom… As I wanted to feel this was a real thing instead of a hoax before getting her involved… So tomorrow she’s coming over, bringing her pretty self, pretty clothes and an open mind, I hope… Maybe with a glass of champagne, I’ll manage to encourage her to at least go as far as taking the photo…

I’ve never been on any net dating thing, but if a friendship comes out of this, my mom is yet again a frontrunner in this family <3.

Butterflies in my stomach…



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