A moment of solace

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After the loss of my love, I have been blessed by so many beautiful encounters, received so much love I never could have imagined.
Last night, quite late, my doorbell rang. A husband of a dear friend, just to check up on me.
He too has gone through an unreasonable loss, he never speaks about it but even before I lost my Kalle, I’d felt the pain in him and understood.
We lay on my bed holding each other’s hands crying and not crying, speaking or not speaking. Some were things never said to another soul. Main question – how does one survive this. No answer. But at least neither of us, in that moment, was alone in this darkness.
Thank you my dear friend for your compassion, your kindness, your ever loving presence. Thank you for understanding my violent tears and for being there until they once again passed. 
Today it’s been a week.
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